2020 has been a difficult year. Bushfires, floods, COVID and the summer period now upon us may be taking a toll on our mental health.

Australians living with a mental illness or mental ill health and their families and carers have told us that the one thing that has helped them through difficult moments is making time for what matters to them – whether this is time to connect with friends and loved ones, time for themselves, time to talk, time to connect with support and treatment, time to learn something new, time offline, time for a swim or simply time in nature.

Everyone’s experience is different, and so too is what helps us get through. What we make time for matters and can positively impact on our mental health.

What are you #MakingTime for this summer?

We would love to hear what you are making time for over the coming months to look after your mental health. Everyone can get involved, it is super easy.


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