#MakingTime is an initiative led by the National Mental Health Commission in collaboration with people experiencing mental illness or mental ill health, families, carers, mental health professionals and sector organisations.

Following the difficult year Australians have had, we had conversations with people experiencing mental illness and those who care for them about their challenges and what has helped them through. We also spoke about the summer period and how they are feeling about it. What we heard was that everyone’s experience over the past year has been different, and so too is what helps them get through, but what they make time for matters and can positively impact their mental wellbeing.

We have created #MakingTime as an easy way for those living with mental ill health and those who care for them, to share their daily experiences and the benefits of making time. #MakingTime encourages Australians to make time for what helps them in difficult moments and to share what they are #MakingTime for with the rest of Australia.

Everyone is welcome to get involved. What are you #MakingTime for this summer?