Thank you for showing your interest in sharing your experience with our online community.

We created #MakingTime as a way for you to share experiences and positive strategies about what you have made time for or will make time for to support your mental wellbeing. Through sharing your first-hand stories, we can support one another through difficult times.

As a community, we highly value everyone’s contributions. To keep this platform safe, respectful, and welcoming for yourself and others, we have developed some essential guidelines.

We encourage you to read and follow the guidelines below.

Before Sharing

It can be useful to think about what you are sharing and why you are sharing your post in relation to #MakingTime. Before uploading content, some questions to consider are below:

  • Who will be seeing this content?
  • What message do I want others to receive from my content?
  • How do I want to share my content?
    We know everyone expresses themselves differently. You can upload content in a way that best reflects your story including; videos, photos, recordings, words.
    You can be as creative as you like. For example; you may have written words or a poem in a journal and want to share this – rather than typing it in as a caption you can simply take a photo and upload this!
  • How do I want others to feel when reading or viewing my content?
  • Does this meet the content guidelines for the platform? (see below)
  • What support do I have in place if I need to speak to someone myself?

Content Guidelines

We wish to create a safe, empowering, respectful and welcoming space for you and others on the platform, while still encouraging people to share their stories in a way that they feel comfortable. In light of this, we ask that you follow the below guidelines.

  • Content: We want to ensure everyone who visits the National Mental Health Commission’s #MakingTime Platform feels safe, empowered, welcome and respected. We ask that you respect everyone’s experience and recovery journey is different – sharing your knowledge and experience may help someone else visiting the platform. Contributions can be shared in different languages and we encourage you to share posts in your own language.Please do not publish any content that;
    • is obscene or offensive is malicious, personally attacking or hostile
    • directly talking about or alluding to a specific service or person
    • may incite hatred or be seen as discriminatory
    • depicts violence, sexual activity or pornography could be seen to be serving commercial interests
    • could be seen to be serving fundraising interests
    • contains instructions in drug use
    • instructs or encourages criminal activity
    • advocates the use of force or violence towards any person
    • encourages, endorses, approves or recommends the performance of dangerous or illegal acts including suicide or self-harm
    • defames, harasses, menaces, threatens, abuses, offends or embarrasses any person
    • infringes the copyright, moral rights, confidentiality rights or intellectual property rights of any person, for example, by reproducing songs, poems, articles, logos, trademarks, pictures, photos, music or other material that is not owned by you (or which you do not have a licence to reproduce on the site);
    • could be interpreted as professional advice such as legal, medical, or financial advice
  • Language: As language can be triggering or elicit a trauma response, out of respect for people with a lived experience, please do not share or upload content that includes graphic or specific details about;
    • your or anyone else’s medication or dosages
    • eating disorder behaviours (diets, descriptive weight loss/gain strategies, compensatory behaviours, BMI, calories)
    • self-harm methods
    • suicide methods
    • active/imminent plan of suicide or harm to another
    • sexual or physical abuse of anyone of any age
    • or any other content that others may find distressing or be harmful in any way.
  • Personal information: For confidentiality reasons, only your first name will appear in posts on our website. If you wish to remain anonymous when uploading content, please do not add a name.In addition to this, and in order to protect your identity we ask that you do not share;
    • your full name
    • your addresses – postal or email
    • your member names on other social media services
    • your phone number
    • your financial information
    • the name of your workplace, university or school
    • any other information by which you could be identified in real life.
  • Control over your content: We want you to always be in control of your content. Your post can be edited or deleted by yourself at any time, even after this is posted on the site. To edit your post, please do so using the same platform you uploaded your content on. If you uploaded your content directly to the website and wish to change it or remove it please email us at

Moderation of Platform

This is not a live moderated platform; however, it is monitored for the safety of users and viewers. This means posts may take up to 48 hours to be approved and appear on the website. If you have posted and this hasn’t appeared, please check to see your content meets our guidelines. If you believe it does and wish to chat to us, please email us on

Need Help?

This platform is not a support service, but we want to make sure that you receive the help you need. If you, or someone you know, is going through a difficult time and would like support, help is available. Visit to find support that is right for you.

If your life is in danger, or you need urgent support, please call one of the following:

Police & Ambulance: 000
Lifeline: 13 11 14
Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 659 467
Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800

The National Mental Health Commission Disclaimer
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